8 Types Of Paid Ads For More Website Traffic

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8 Types Of Paid Ads For More Website Traffic

Looking for ways to increase your website traffic? Types of paid ads can more website traffic.

Here is a list:

Let’s Dive In!

There are numerous types of video content. Considering the resources and time limits you have, what kind of video should you create?

Without any doubt, video marketing is an unavoidable part of the content marketing system. 

Well, each type of video content suits a particular purpose. Identify your purpose first. Knowing what type of video to use and avoiding the rest will get better returns on your efforts. 

This article covers three objectives that brands mostly use video content for. Namely, creating a brand identity, developing awareness and authority and lastly, retargeting customers. 

1. Google Adwords

Adwords is the most widely used type of paid ads. 

With Adwords, you can create advertised search results. These results enjoy preferential treatment on the SERP. It works on a pay-per-click model. 

Adwords offers 4 types of campaigns. Search, Video, Shopping, Display and App promo campaigns. 

From time to time, it comes up with new features.

Google dynamic search ads offer the ability to create automatic ads based on your website content. It matches the website content to the search terms.  Accordingly, it creates the headline and the landing page. 

Brands can also show ads based on the current location of a prospect. On the basis of the GPS location of a user, it shows them advertisements of nearby businesses. Offline businesses enjoy a great advantage here.

2. Different Types Of Youtube Ads

Since video is consumed more actively than text, Youtube video ads can be a great source to grab audience attention.  There are 5 types of Youtube ads:-

15 seconds ads that the user can’t skip.

1. True-View Ads : 

Skippable ads that appear before the user’s chosen video starts playing. Advertisers don’t pay for impressions. They pay only when a user watches the ad for 30 seconds or interacts with it in some way. Such ads can also be displayed in other apps/ websites of the Google Display network. 

2. Non-skippable ads :

15 seconds ads that the user can’t skip.

3. Bumper ads : 

6-second ads that play before the user’s chosen video. These are non-skippable.

4. Overlay :

Image or text ads on the lower portion of the video.

5. Youtube Display Ads :

Appear on the top of the suggested videos list.

6. Sponsored Card Ads :

Appear within a video as pop-ups. Users can avoid seeing it by clicking on the cross button.

This infographic explains the different types of Youtube ads in detail. 

3. Google Maps Advertising

Just like in SERPS, paid ads here,  appear at the top of Google Maps’ results. It comes with an ad label.

This type of paid ad is really valuable If you run a local offline business. Ads on Maps make it easy for people to get to your location. And when you show up first, you also enjoy the visibility advantage.

Types of paid ads

Source: Google Maps

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications pop up in a user’s mobile device even when the screen is locked. 

They are used for retargeting. 

It helps to connect with the user even when they’re not on your website or app. Such notifications can incentivize the prospect to check your website/app again. 

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Source: UplandSoftware

5. Social Media Ads

Since people are actively using social media, advertising on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit also contribute to bringing website visitors. Social media ads offer a variety of advertisement options like text, video, images, slideshows, or carousels.

Place a direct link to your website on the advertisement. 

Facebook and Instagram ads can be placed in newsfeeds and stories. You can also advertise on messenger. 

Linkedin advertising is a great option for the B2B space. Target ads by contact details, accounts, job titles, demography, location or industry. There are multiple ad types, such as display ads, sponsored in-feed posts, or direct message ads. 

On Twitter, you can promote a single tweet, an entire account, or a trending topic. It works on a pay per click model.

Sites like Reddit and Quora also offer paid advertisement opportunities. These are a great way to target highly specific users.

6. Outbrain Amplify For Advertisers

Outbrain’s advertising space, Amplify, allows you to spread the word about your business.

The platform allows you to place paid ads for driving traffic to your online content like blogs, website, landing pages and product pages. 

This too works on a PPC model. The platform also supports video advertising. It offers a unique “click to watch” model rather than a “click to skip” concept. 

Amplify also eases the ad creation process. You can also make the best ads by testing multiple headlines directed to the same content.  

7. Display Ads

These visual ads are shown to users when they browse through websites and Google supported networks like Youtube and Gmail. 

Google also offers Responsive Display Ads. These ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit just about any available ad space and improve performance. 

8. Sponsored Content

Native advertisements on other websites are also a great way to get visitors to your website. 

They’re different from other forms of website advertising. Native ads do not look like ads. They are designed to look exactly like the natural website content. Mostly, media agencies and content platforms use native advertising.

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Source: https://yourstory.com/ 

Signing Off

These were the various types of paid ads you can use to get website traffic. 

After exploring these alternatives, it’s time to decide which one’s best for you. 

Consider the budget, the objective and the engagement rate. But most importantly, how your prospects use different platforms. 

Most probably, you’ll have to change your strategies a few times until you figure out the perfect one.