4+1 Types of Email Marketing For Better Customer Retention

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4+1 Types of Email Marketing For Better Customer Retention

Customer retention is as important as is customer acquisition. 

Establishing a personalized contact via email marketing is necessary for retaining customers. Email marketing is a great way to do so. 

This blog covers the different types of emails used to engage with newly acquired customers. These emails help in building a strong relationship, developing loyalty and getting repeat sales.

The different types of emails are: 

  1. The Introduction Email
  2. Post Purchase Emails
  3. Brand connection emails
  4. Promotional Emails

No matter what your email marketing strategy is. Personalise each email and use videos wherever possible. 

Let’s explore each e-mail type.

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1. The Introduction Email

As soon as the customer purchases, send them an email introducing your brand. 

This is vital as welcome emails generate four times higher open rates and a five times greater click-through rate. 

What all to include in this email differs from brand to brand. You may choose to highlight their brand story, vision, mission, problem-solution relationship, founder stories, customer testimonials etc. 

Show customers a way to resolve their future doubts. You can tell them to book a consultation call with a team member or share details of someone from customer service. In the case of e-commerce websites, guide the user on how they can access the shipping status. 

Do not try to upsell or make a sales pitch. Just an introduction to your brand highlighting the fact that they mean more than a source of income for you. 

2. Post Purchase Emails

This is more than transactional and confirmation e-emails. 

Send emails encouraging them to connect with you on a social media platform or participate in a giveaway you’ll be hosting soon. Social media channels like Linkedln and Google+ allow you to send an email directly to the user’s inbox. Use this to share information about events and important days.

Share a video email explaining the product they’ve purchased. Design a product tour or exclusive tips on how to use the product for maximum efficiency. Highlight what they should expect and how the product makes their lives easier.  

After a few days of making the purchase, send them a review email. Share a feedback form or a poll to collect their opinions. Don’t convince them to write a positive review. Just ask for a review. Respond to any negative feedback you receive.

3. Brand Connection Emails

This type of email focuses on establishing a unique bond and enhancing the customer experience.

There are various ways to do this:

1. Announcement Email

Send an email about product updates, the launch of a better model or any accessory products you’ve launched recently. 

Also notify them of a new event, whitepaper or giveaway that you’re conducting. Include a call to action and the link to its landing page. Segment your target audience and design different emails according to their different pain points.

Share any milestones you’ve achieved. This also builds a positive reputation. 

2. Birthday/ Anniversary

Birthdays and Anniversaries are a great way to connect with customers. Celebrate their special occasions.  

In addition to a wish, think innovatively. Add a gift, a free treat, or some way that contributes to their celebration.

3. Content Marketing Emails

Share different resources like email newsletters, research reports or simple share your blogs. Something that provides utility and value.

While designing such content, it’s vital to first understand what you want to achieve from it. And then get to the creation process. 

Whatever the content, share it in a visually appealing manner. 

To send highly specific information, ask users for a few topics of their interest, segment them and share customized resources accordingly.  

4. Promotional Emails

This is probably the most common type of email. And that’s why it either ends up in the user’s spam folder or gets the account blacklisted!

So, it’s necessary to stand out. Write a catchy subject to get a good open rate. In the body text, use GIF’s, share some exciting offers, discounts, or some interesting competitions. 

You can also target some specific seasons, festivals or important days. 

Provide the most active customers with some exclusive offers. Highlight the advantage of being your customer. 


When you send emails, there will be a lot of email addresses that haven’t opened your emails for a long time.

Identify these addresses and send a re-engagement mail

This email will either bring the lost customer back or tell you to remove them from the list.

Make it interactive by asking them the reason for not interacting with your emails. Resolve their issues and inform them again.