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Comprehensive and insightful lineup of sessions

The session on NFT was an excellent finale on the new trend of digital art forms which are traded as cryptos. Interesting trend for every business student to get introduced to.
Dr. M.K.Badrinarayanan
Professor & Head, School Of Management, HITS
Joel Robinson Digital Asia Summit

Personally, I feel so blessed to learn from the masters.

It was an informative and well-organised workshop. I got so encouraged during the three days.
Joel Robinson
Founder, Bee Learners
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Thank you for your initiative in conducting such a beautiful event online.

Within 3 days, I got n number of different ideas, skills, and also built some awesome networks. Thank you so much for the certificate.
Swagat Kumar Sahu
Digital Marketer, Adsiduous Media

Eye-opening three days!

Nothing else describes the summit better.
Aradhana Gotur
Senior Content Writer, Tickertape

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