Personal Branding

Who is it for?

Founders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Mid &
Senior level professionals, Sales, Marketing &
Business Development professionals.

What all you'll get to learn?

  • Essentials of building a personal brand on Linkedin.
  • How to identify and engage your target audience.
  • How to draft a compelling content strategy.
  • How to enhance your LinkedIn profile and get more
  • One month content calendar for your profile.
  • Smart tools to generate leads through LinkedIn.
  • How to build and nurture a vibrant LinkedIn

Understand why you need
to build a personal brand

  • It’s your ticket to be noticed and remembered.
  • It builds trust, an essential ingredient for professional
  • It helps to attract opportunities that align with your
    values and skills.

About the trainer

Anuj is founder at Cbetter, a leading design and communication
agency, and Community Lead at Digital Asia. Recognized as a
LinkedIn Personal Branding Expert, Anuj has spent over a decade
guiding professionals on harnessing LinkedIn for career growth, with
his insights being featured in prominent publications such as DNA.
Over the last few years, he has worked with more than 200 brands,
and consulted over 50 founders, and he is presently helping
numerous founders craft their personal brand on LinkedIn and
achieve their business goals