Google Updates 2022: A Digital Marketer’s Guide

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Google Updates 2022: A Digital Marketer’s Guide

The number of Google updates in 2022 was more than in any other year. Since November, a total of 13+ major and minor updates have been released. 

To maintain your search rankings, it’s vital to understand every Google updates and how it’ll affect your website. 

This article explains the minor Google updates of 2022. And this article explains the major ones. 

Let’s look at the minor updates one by one. 

1. Performance Max Campaign: Google Ads

On Nov. 1, Google made the Performance Max Campaign on Google Ads accessible to all.

This campaign allows you to create a uniform campaign for all Google channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. 

Use it when: 

  • Your goals are highly specified.
  • You aren’t restricted to a few ad channels. 

  • You want to do something more than keyword-based campaigns.

2. Google My Business Rebranding

On November 2, Google My Business was rebranded as Google Business Profile. 

Now, Google prefers that small business do not manage their listings on Google My Business Console. Instead, they manage their listings on search or map. 

The existing experience will now be called “Google Business Profile Manager”. Business Profile Manager’s focus would be on supporting larger businesses. 

Also, the Google My Business Mobile app will become inaccessible from 2022. Read more here

However, a lot of marketers feel this reflects Google’s unfair attitude towards small businesses. 

3. Product Feeds On Video Campaigns

With this update, you can now link product feeds to your awareness and consideration video campaigns. Thus giving more opportunities to create shoppable video ads.  

Earlier, this feature was available only for true view ads. 

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4. Google Local News Feed

Google noticed that searches for the term “news near me” tripled over the past year. 

In response to this, it has launched some features for readers and journalists.

1. Local News Carousel

When users search for a query, a carousel of related local stories will be displayed in the SERP. It’s a great opportunity for local journalists to make their content visible. The carousel is available in all languages. 

Google Mobile Search results for blog at Digital Asia Community
2. Local News Tweets 

When users search for a query, related tweets from local sources will also surface on the SERP’s.  

Google Mobile Search results for blog at Digital Asia Community
3. The Census Mapper

Census Mapper is an embeddable map that displays census data for the national, state and county levels.

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5. A New Requirement For Logo Schema Data

On November 17, Google released a new requirement for Logo schema data. 

The statement says” Make sure the image looks how you intend it to look on a purely white background (for example, if the logo is mostly white or gray, it may not look how you want it to look when displayed on a white background).”

6. Youtube Search Insights

Youtube launched the Search Insights on Youtube Creator Studio. This feature is available only to a few selected channels right now.

It conducts keyword research and displays the following three metrics:

  1. Information about what your subscribers search on Youtube
  2. The user searches for a particular keyword
  3. Any content gaps: Search terms for which users couldn’t find an exact match result or which shows poor results. 

Have a look at the official announcement. 

Youtube Insights - Digital Asia Community


7. New Version Of Google Ads Editor

Google announced the Google Ads Editor Version 1.8. 

In this version, Google added some new features to the Ads editor. These range from an “overview page” to an “Upgrade match type” recommendation for exact keywords. 

All the newly added features are listed here. 

Updates Make Life Easier

Google Updates of 2022 and the new features they provide make a marketer’s life easier. 

Make sure you’re aware of such updates and use it to your advantage.